B – bites

C – cigar

L – libation

B: Lobster Tail with Mac and Cheese
C: The Stag
L: Pinot Grigio white wine from Tuscany

B: Springer Mountain Brined Half Chicken
C: Anatomy 2
L: Gin and Tonic made with Hendricks Gin

B: Chicken & Shrimp Alfredo
C: Zebra
L: Casa Defra Prosecco

B: Braised Beef Short Ribs
C: M.I.A
L: Cabernet red wine from Cosentina

B: Jumbo lump crab cake with spicy remoulade
C: Mr. Black
L: Downtown (Grey Goose Le Melon, ginger beer and organic fresh lime juice)

B: Salmon Tacos with pico de gallo and roasted garlic chipotle aioli
C: The Giraffe
L: Tom Collins (with Hendrick’s Gin)

B: Ribeye steak with baked potato (butter, cheese and scallions)
C: Run That
L: Martell Blue Swift Cognac

B: Orange Miso Salmon
C: The Pum
D: Black Stallion Chardonnay

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